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Jonathan Cloud (Editor & Publisher)

I’ve been working to add some sections and some content to the site and get it ready for a launch of some kind, when we decide that it’s ready for “prime time.” There are some challenges in the formatting, and I welcome your comments.

  • I’ve posted Bill Allen’s upcoming discussion of “OFF by 2040” at the February 1 Bernards Democrats’ meeting to the Events page. Eventually I’ll add a Calendar to this page so it will be easier to see what’s happening.
  • I’ve posted a recent correspondence between Larry Nault, Bill Allen, and myself, starting with Larry’s communication as an article and then adding our responses as comments, as an example of how things ought to appear (at least in my view).

  • I’ve posted an article on the Cap and Trade issue that a number of us have been discussing, and added some of the back-and-forth with Bill that I thought was interesting.

There’s a lot more that’s needed.

I’m proposing to present myself as “publisher,” and would propose David Russell – who originally suggested the title – as Managing Editor, with others on the Communications taking whatever titles they wish – e.g., Editor, Senior Correspondent, etc.

I’m also creating a number of authors and posting some sample content from our recent email discussions to give people a sense of how the site ought to work, at least in my view. So far this is all just how I see it initially, so we can rearrange this, and for those of you whose names I’ve used, I ask your indulgence to get it right before we make it all public.1

Jonathan Cloud, Publisher
1 “Public” means that it’s visible to search engines. Right now it’s accessible to ordinary users, but only if they know where to look for it. This is controlled by one of the administrative settings.

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